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 visiting Artists to the gallery 

melanie wilks MA - sculptor     Melanie carves mostly in stone  using hand held tools . She produces drawings which act as reference tools for her work. She as had many commissions over her career of 25 years and has work on public display all around Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. From her studio base in Dewsbury she offers week end courses several times a year.

ann parkin - artist and stitcher   Ann's work in oils or stitch comes from a variety of sources....the landscape painted en plein air, people and the juxtaposition of improbable but realistic still life. Ann runs an art and craft class for children from her studio on Saturdays during term time.

rachel claire fish - fine artist     works in water colour, oil and charcoal. Rachel is a mamber of Saddleworth Group of artists and is inspired by the history and folk lore of Saddleworth in particular. She is a huge fan of Gloria Estefan and has designed her latest CD cover.


steve stringer and dave oag  -  "The pennine Painters" - both mambers of Saddleworth Group of artists. Work in both oil and acrylics and often to be seen in the Pennine hills with easels and paints being duly inspired by our amazing landscapes.

ron etherington - a mamber of Saddleworth Group of artists. Inspired by both the human figure and landscapes Ron works in mainly oil.

pamela durrans - I am a retired health worker who loved art at school. Now having time to enjoy art in many forms, I am trying to produce paintings and drawings that other people, hopefully, enjoy looking at. Watercolour was my first love and swiftly moved on to figure drawing and later, oil paintings and landscapes. I still try to practise all of them in the hope that I will, someday, produce a masterpiece!

ben carter - a mamber of Saddleworth Group of artists. Inspired by both the human figure and landscapes. Ben and Helen have also worked abroad for many years with La Journee des peintures, artists from 5 countries who come together for one week each year to paint outdoors. Once every 5 years the group paint in Saddleworth

jane braithwaite - born in Saddleworth and for many years competed in dressage and riding events and has recently become a member of the prestigeous  Society of Equestrian artists. Jane is a mamber of Saddleworth Group of artists and works in oils and charcoal drawing from life to paint horses, figures and mountainscapes especially. 

jean fenton - Jean's work is based on the figurative developed into simplistic and near abstracted form plus many portrait commissions. She has had many mixed exhibitions in the North West & West Yorkshire. In 2012 Jean was invited to participate in the Sculpture Bienniale in Tournon-sur Rhône, France, and in 2013 returned as tutor on the sculpture course.

debbie peel - inspired by Turner and loves working in both oils and water colour

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