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 Etchings - dry point, lino

               click on the image to enlarge  and see details 
Hares in my garden
Whiskered hare
Hare in a cornfield
Startled hare
Hidden hare
Running for joy
Fox among the flowers
Loving couple
Two pups
Penguin fashion parade
Watching for a fish
Crows on fence posts
Two for a kiss
Solitary crow
Dovestones Reservoir, Saddleworth
Running hares
Crows on a branch
Wild geese flying over Lark Hill, Saddleworth
No 1 Rook
No 2 Rook
No 3 Rook
Ammonite fest
Rooks on a branch
Sunset over Brun Clough reservoir, Saddleworth
Wild geese flying over Lark Hill, Saddleworth
Sailing around the Hebrides
sunset over a reservoir
Hebridean sailng
Seed heads
And it snows and snows
entering the harbour in a storm
sheep in a moorland autumn mist
tossed around outside the harbour-SD
Snug at home in a Saddleworth Winter
Bird watching at Castleshaw, Saddleworth
Ancient Hedgerow above Delph,Saddleworth
Storm over the reservoir
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