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Landscape Etchings

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Hare in a cornfield
Hidden hare
Startled hare
Whiskered hare
Crows on fence posts
Two for a kiss
Solitary crow
Dovestones Reservoir, Saddleworth
Running hares
Heron in the reeds
Hares in my garden
Moon rising over farmland
Moon rising over ploughed field
Moon rising between gateposts
Crows on a branch
Wild geese flying over Lark Hill, Saddleworth
Garden Flowers 1
Garden Flowers 2
Garden Flowers 3
Garden Flowers 4
Garden Flowers 5
Garden Flowers 6
Garden Flowers 7
Garden Flowers 8
No 1 Rook
No 2 Rook
No 3 Rook
Swallows in flight
Running for joy
Hare in the moonlight
Solitary Crow
Ammonite fest
Rooks on a branch
Sunset over Brun Clough reservoir, Saddleworth
Wild geese flying over Lark Hill, Saddleworth
Cottage on Lark Hill, Saddleworth
Sailing around the Hebrides
sunset over a reservoir
Hebridean sailng
Peaceful sail
Seed heads
And it snows and snows
Cottage on Lark Hill, Saddleworth
Summer trees
Winter trees
entering the harbour in a storm
sheep in a moorland autumn mist
tossed around outside the harbour-SD
Snug at home in a Saddleworth Winter
Bird watching at Castleshaw, Saddleworth
Ancient Hedgerow above Delph,Saddleworth
Storm over the reservoir
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